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October 17-20, 2019 $285
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  • Oct 17-20, 2019
    5:00pm - 11:30am


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Every single man comes into the world possessing a strong desire for adventure. It’s in the makeup of a man to stand for something, to determine his limits and to face down an enemy in battle.

It might appear to many that modern daily life has removed the primal instincts that have defined men since the start of time, it’s a dangerous way of life when we repress our human nature. Man is really wild at heart.

The aim of the Wild at Heart book and boot camp is to re-think these normal tendencies in the soul of almost every man. By recasting our life as a crusade for Christ, we give our self permission to be who we genuinely are and to take control of our households and jobs. John Eldredge, the man behind Wild at Heart, has revealed to us that we can not take away the aggression from our heart, but there are ways to channel it through our faith into a constructive aggression that provides us extraordinary strength in our own life and in the lives of others around us.

$285 fee includes study materials, food and lodging

Chapel Rock Center, Prescott, AZ